Sweden announces a new strategy for creative industries. What is interesting for us?

8 July 2024

On June 4, the Swedish government presented its creative industries strategy to the world. This
plan, effective from 2024 to 2033, not only changes Sweden’s cultural landscape – it offers a
vision for developing the creative industry that would be wise for Georgia to study as well.
The Minister of Culture, Parisa Liljestrand, directly states: “The cultural and creative industries
must now be viewed as a new type of Swedish primary industry.” This is a bold statement that
elevates the creative industry to the level of traditional economic sectors.
Let’s analyze Sweden’s strategy:

1. Finances are crucial: Sweden’s strategy includes investing significant capital in the creative
sector through grants, subsidies, and tax breaks.

2. Develop or fail: The Swedes are doubling their efforts on workforce development, aiming to
create hyper-qualified creative personnel.

3. Global stage, local talent: Sweden is not just creating local production – it’s exporting. The
Swedish plan emphasizes international collaboration and market access.
4. Technology-driven creativity: Imagine creative hubs equipped with the latest technologies.
This is Sweden’s vision.

5. Protection and development: In the idea economy, intellectual property is invaluable. Sweden
prioritizes creators’ rights, ensuring they can earn income from their work.

6. Statistics occupy a special place in the strategy, which should provide users with maximum
information about creative industries to analyze rapid changes.

The Swedish model offers a roadmap, but the journey is for Georgia to decide. With the right
moves, Georgia can transform from an outsider position into a creative force, rewriting the rules
of the game in the process.

View and support the manifesto presented by the association – https://shorturl.at/amkVJ

To find the full version of the strategy, follow the link – https://shorturl.at/btAnP