IP Manifesto

Revamping Georgia’s intellectual property system and fostering the growth of creative industries

The Association of Creative Industries (ACI) was founded with the goal of supporting creative industries and fostering a vibrant creative ecosystem in Georgia. The mission of the association is to enhance the role of creative industries within the framework of sustainable economic development. ACI is dedicated to supporting creative professionals, elevating their visibility, and fortifying the organization through empowerment, support, and advocacy.

To foster the growth of Georgia’s creative industry and bolster the country’s economic development, the Association of Creative Industries (ACI) hereby proclaims:

  1. Intellectual property should be acknowledged as a genuine economic asset for individuals and legal entities. Moreover, it should be positioned as a subject for the export and development of the rich and independent Georgian culture and heritage worldwide.
  2. The management and protection of intellectual property rights should be conducted through the utilization of modern digital technologies.
  3. The state should provide support to creative and technological companies in Georgia.
  4. The state should promote the attraction of international companies and brands, creating favorable conditions to encourage their establishment and growth.
  5. Georgia should actively engage in the global market of cultural, creative, and innovative products, securing a rightful position as a country championing creative industries.

ACI aims to construct a creative ecosystem that positions Georgia as a global hub for creativity and innovation. The association’s overarching goal is for Georgia to evolve into a future center of innovation and creativity, leveraging intellectual property to bolster economic growth, foster cultural development, and facilitate global integration.