Public meeting with the director of the Danish Film Centre, Klaus Ladegaard

11 November 2023


 On November 10th, a meeting was held at the Goethe Institute with the director of the Danish Film Centre, Klaus Ladegaard. The theme of the discussion was “Film Funding: Main Challenges, Solutions, and Industry Developments.”

Klaus Ladegaard presented the audience with insights into the scheme of cinema funding, the specifics of the Film Centre’s operations, and his expertise in the film industry. Following the discussion, a discourse took place, featuring the representative of the Hubert Bals Fund, Tamara Tatishvili.

“We need to redefine the goals of the film industry. Films need to be created in Danish that have an impact on culture. They should be the bearers of artistic values and be acquired by the audience naturally. Films should tell significant stories that unfold in contemporary reality. This requires daring cinema and initiatives that contribute to the industry. This applies both to Danish and globally,” stated Klaus Ladegaard.

As part of Klaus Ladegaard’s working visit to the Danish Film Centre, his goal is to support the emerging film industry and contribute to the development of the “Documentary Film Association.” Klaus Ladegaard, the accomplished director of the Danish Film Centre, holds a crucial role in the country’s film financing, financing 20-25 feature films and 30-35 documentary projects annually.

Regarding the “Documentary Film Association” (DOCA Georgia), established by documentary filmmaker Salome Jashi, Klaus Ladegaard emphasises its objective to unite documentary film professionals, creating a secure space for connections, collaborations, and new initiatives. Through this collaboration, DOCA Georgia aims to advocate for the independence of action and artistic freedom, political neutrality, and audience growth in the documentary film sector, contributing to positive changes in the public sphere.