Protect your Intellectual Property – Association of Creative Industries crafts a manifesto

21 December 2023

The history of our country is full of creative and intellectual achievements, but in the wake of the rapidly developing global landscape, it faces significant challenges – the participation of the Georgian nation in the global market of cultural, creative and innovative products is modest, overshadowed by the dominance of foreign companies.

Our vision is to sculpt a future where Georgia stands proudly as a beacon of innovation and creativity, leveraging its intellectual wealth to propel economic prosperity, foster cultural advancement, and achieve seamless global integration.

To manifest this vision, we are meticulously crafting a manifesto. This document serves as both a response to existing challenges and a guiding compass for propelling Georgia into a dynamic and globally competitive sphere.

In this pivotal moment, unity is paramount. We call upon organizations and individuals to join hands, affixing their signatures to this manifesto. This collective gesture will signify to our government, private sector, educational institutions, and creative community the vital importance of championing intellectual property advocacy for the flourishing of our creative industries.

Sign the manifesto: