Levan Lefsveridze was invited to serve as a member of the Cannes Lions Jury

19 April 2024

Levan Lefsveridze, the creative director of Leavingstone Company, has been invited to join the jury of the Cannes Lions International Festival. He will evaluate the participants in the PR category.

According to Levan, he did not expect to be chosen for the jury, it was a big surprise.

“Being selected as a juror for the main Cannes Lions Festival is quite complex. There is a large database and several important criteria according to which jury members are selected. They primarily consider the countries that have won the most Lions, and quotas are distributed accordingly. Candidates who have significantly contributed to victories at different times have better chances. Additionally, they consider whether a candidate has experience as a juror at other festivals. In my case, I have been a juror at more than 40 festivals, including Eurobest, which is associated with the Cannes Festival. Consequently, all of this positively influenced my candidacy, and I was selected as a jury member this year.”

Levan Lepsveridze’s membership in the Cannes Lions Festival jury is significant not only for Levan himself and his company but also for the country. As he states, this role will help position Georgia more positively on the global stage, thereby creating greater opportunities for the development of the country’s creative industry.

The Cannes Lions is the most prestigious creative festival in the world and has been held in Cannes, France, for over 70 years. This year, the annual festival will take place from June 17th to 21st.