Georgian Artist Tolia Astakhishvili is one of the winners of the Chanel Next Prize

15 April 2024

The ten winners of the CHANEL Next Prize, the second edition of the House’s international arts and culture prize, were announced by the CHANEL Culture Fund. Each of them will receive 100,000€ in funding, allowing them to fully realise their most ambitious artistic projects. Among the winners, there is Tolia Atakhishvili, Georgian artiset bazed in Berlin, Germany.

Tolia is an interdisciplinary artist primarily working with installation. Originally rooted in drawing and painting, Tolia‘s practice expands into sculpture and large-scale architectural interventions that combine video, sound, archival footage and found material. Astakhishvili’s installations often incorporate the works of other artists, a collaborative process she describes as ‘giving room to personal and collective narratives’.

In 2023 Astakhishvili’s held several personal exhibitions in Berlin. Her first solo exhibition in the US will open at SculptureCenter in Queens, New York, in 2024.

As for the Next Prize, it was established in 2021 as part of the CHANEL Culture Fund, CHANEL’s global initiative to accelerate the ideas that advance culture, extending the House’s century-long legacy of cultural patronage.