EU agrees landmark deal on regulation of artificial intelligence

14 December 2023

European Union officials have reached a provisional deal on the world’s first comprehensive laws to regulate the use of artificial intelligence. The European Parliament will vote on the AI Act proposals early next year, but any legislation will not take effect until at least 2025. Meanwhile, the US, UK and China are all rushing to publish their own guidelines.

The proposals include safeguards on the use of AI within the EU as well as limitations on its adoption by law enforcement agencies.

EU Commissioner Thierry Breton described the plans as “historic”, saying it set “clear rules for the use of AI”. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the AI Act would help the development of technology that does not threaten people’s safety and rights.

ChatGPT and DALL-E are examples of what is called “generative” AI. These programs learn from vast quantities of data, such as online text and images, to generate new content which feels like it has been made by a human.

Source: BBC News