Architizer’s Recognition of Top 10 Georgian Architecture Firms

5 March 2024

Architizer, a prominent architecture platform, has recently published an article identifying the top 10 architecture firms in Georgia. This acknowledgment showcases the exceptional talent and innovative work being done in architecture within our country, highlighting firms that span from the historical landscapes of the Caucasus to the modern urban environment of Tbilisi.

Georgia’s architectural scene is distinguished by its rich blend of historical heritage and contemporary innovation, a testament to the country’s unique position at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. The Architizer article provides an in-depth look at the firms that are leading the charge in creating groundbreaking projects that reflect a modern Georgian identity while paying homage to our rich cultural past.

The ranking of these firms was based on a comprehensive analysis of their achievements, including awards won, projects featured as “Project of the Day,” and overall contributions to the Architizer platform. This methodical approach highlights the firms’ dedication to architectural excellence and their impact on both the local and international stages.

Below is the list of the top 10 architecture firms in Georgia as featured by Architizer:

Khmaladze Architects – specialising in hospitality architecture, leading with many accolades;


Architects of Inventionan international partnership known for their significant contributions across various countries;


STIPFOLD – recognized for their innovative approach to merging architecture, design, and technology;


MHD Group – Offers comprehensive services across general architecture and interior design;


Laboratory of architecture #3 – Renowned for their inventive and functional designs since 2006;


SPECTRUM – a design-build firm that integrates local traditions with contemporary design practices; 


Artytechs – known for their creative projects that have garnered international architectural excellence since 2014; 


SEDUM.ARCHITECTS – focused on the intersection of architecture, environment, and new technology; 


AD1369105 – a bureau recognized for its high-quality urban environment designs;


MUA Architecture & Placemaking – with over a decade of experience, MUA is dedicated to transforming spaces into meaningful places through human-centered design.

ACI is proud of the global recognition Georgian architecture firms are receiving for their innovative and impactful designs. This ranking not only celebrates their achievements but also highlights the dynamic and evolving nature of Georgia’s architectural landscape.

For more detailed insights into the projects and achievements of these top firms, we encourage our readers to explore the full article on Architizer’s website.